Bubble API Workflow Detect Data is broken in backend workflow

I am trying to detect data sent from a json using a backend API workflow but this is what I am getting. I have tried with multiple API workflows but they are all coming back the same.

This was not happening before. It just started recently. This is an app in production so its frustrating.

It’s good for me, you sure your call isn’t bust? Go to the ‘code’ section of Postman and paste the cURL content here. I can test by firing to my app and if that works but not yours then it’s specifically your app that’s being dodgy so would be a bug.

curl --location ‘https://cashierconsole.bubbleapps.io/version-test/api/1.1/wf/createuser/initialize
–header ‘Content-Type: application/json’
–data-raw ‘{
“custName”: “Test”,
“custFirstName”: “Test”,
“custLastName”: “Member”,
“custEmail”: “emeka1@gmail.com”,
“custPhone”: “280-111-0014”

I see the problem now, post man was sending it as plain text. I have corrected it. Thank you for pointing out to check the cURL.