Bubble app is not working on iOS

Hello Bubblers :wave:

I’m stressed out. After so much work, I was about to release the app … and it’s not working on iOS. The wrapper service says it’s working on his side but Apple experienced the same bug as me so did not want to release the app on App Store.

It’s working fine on Android but not on iPhone. The app is opening, blanck screen, and in less than half a second the app crashes, going back to the phone menu.

Did someone experienced something like that ? Does it come from the wrapper service or from my Bubble app ?

Thank you very much !

You’ll find plenty of people from this community who had published their apps in both the apps store and play store successfully and are working fine. Please know that Bubble isn’t made for mobile. These wrappers are just a workaround. You should contact the wrapper service and ask them to fix this issue. My guess is that the issue is on their app build.

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Unfortunatly they do not answer to my requests … The main argument is that it’s working on their side … I’ve spent few hundred bucks in it unfortunately so I don’t want to just let it go.

That’s why I’m looking for people who have experienced the same issue. I know for some it does work but it’ll not help me :sweat_smile:

Hi @ceabiven

If your supplier confirms that it’s working on their side, and at the same time Apple have the same problem, it seems to be a redirection that’s blocked. It’s very hard to diagnose without information. Ideally, install a VPN with the same country as your provider, and see what happens. What product did you use to make your wrapper?

Hi @JohnMark, thanks for your support ! I just downloaded a VPN and set it up to same location than the wrapper. Nothing has changed.

The weird thing is that we do not have any Error Log generated and that the app is closing almost immediatly …

Here’s a screenshot of my iPhone :

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Can you send a link to your app, so I can test it out on my iPhone?
Who wrapped your Bubble.io App?

Hey @Eugene_West ,

The wrapper service is The BDK. It’s been a week they’re not answering me so I think they just gave up on the issue … I really don’t know what to do.

I have to add you as a tester because Apple did not allow me to publish publicaly the app. It’s not working on their side neither so they’ve just allowed the testing version. I send you a private message ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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