IOS native app "lost session" issue

Hey folks!

My native bubble app (wrapped via Adalo as a webview) works perfect on Android , but on iPhone I have the following issue :

If the user HID the application and did not CLOSE it, then after about 12/14 hours, if he returns to the application, he sees a white screen … only when he closes the application and opens it again, does everything works fine.
Do you have an idea how to fix it? Or what couse
Use a different wrapper? Make content available offline?

I will appreciate any idea or feedback :pray:

That sounds like a wrapper issue. Unfortunately, there is no way to make a Bubble app work offline.

Not an ideal answer, I’m sure, but this seems like a pretty niche issue when thinking about user behavior. Many people get a sense of cleansing when they close all apps after a session on their device, making this a non-issue. For those on the other end of the spectrum, their first thought (most of the time) when they reach the white screen after 12 hours of not using the app will be to close it and reopen it.

If this is a big deal and there is no way around it with Adalo, check out some of the other wrappers like The BDK. I’ve wrapped many apps with Gaurav and never had this issue. Good luck!

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