[🕵️ Bubble App Monitoring] Don't miss Bubble Workflow Errors anymore! Improve User Experience!

Dear Bubblers,

I’ve been using Bubble since 2018. Two years ago, we built a Security Plugin for Bubble (formerly nocode:nohack). Now, ncScale want to address the performance and user experience issues that Bubble apps face.

If you check your Bubble app’s logs, you’ll notice that in most cases, there are many workflow errors such as “App is too busy,” “plugin error,” “Database timed out,” “timeout,” and “workflow error.” :sweat_smile:

Your users encounter these errors either through pop-ups or sometimes the app stops working altogether, requiring them to reach out to you for support.

I really love Bubble because it allows you to develop quickly. With ncScale Monitoring for Bubble, our goal is to enhance your user experience and increase your revenue by proactively resolving your users’ issues. The final step is to build quickly but with quality. :muscle:

Here’s a quick How-To guide on using ncScale to monitor your Bubble app. It’s free during our Open Beta:

1/ Connect your Bubble app to ncScale.

2/ Select the channel through which you’d like to receive alerts (Slack, webhook, or email).

3/ Start receiving notifications on Slack and explore your logs.

4/ Fix the issue :slight_smile:

Here a quick Overview:

You can signup, it’s free :point_right: ncScale


This is really cool!


Great product, @b.demontecler! What’s the difference between ncScale and let’s say Sentry?

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Thank you! Unlike Sentry, with ncScale you can:

  • Get notifications for backend workflow errors.
  • Easily access the native log in your Bubble editor to quickly understand the issue.

It’s easy to use, and as ncScale collects all the logs, not just the errors, you have more context about the workflow.

@Sarah_Esteve , as a user, do you see any other advantages :slight_smile:?

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hello guys!

Yes I m using Ncscale since one or two months and it really helps me to easily identify bugs that I should not find without this tool.

I’m also creating views for specific bugs that I m trying to correct, to see if they persist or not. It is also possible to set slack or email alerts on this views but I don t use it as I m a 0inboxfanatic :rofl:



Here is a quick update with a video demo :slight_smile: