[Looking for beta testers] Bubble error monitoring tool

Good afternoon everyone :slight_smile:
I am about to release a tool for Bubble builders that allows to track errors generated during the runtime of your apps (API errors, plugin errors,…)

We used it internally to catch errors (mainly the ones that prevented users from completing purchases - Stripe errors) and though it could be beneficial to others so we worked on an AI model that analyse the error to determine its gravity and send alerts if necessary.

Therefore I’m looking for a few beta testers before launching to validate the concept.
Feel free to reply if you’re interested and mention how much traffic your app(s) receive and I’ll send you the installation details :clap:


I’m interested! Is there a particular volume of traffic you’re looking for? I can share details about our production app in a private message. Getting useful error data from our users is a real challenge sometimes!

I’d be very interested! I have a live app which would be amazing to get error data…like Brian said, customer descriptions of issues aren’t very helpful in the most part haha.

Can discuss traffic privately.

No minimum volume required! But of course the more traffic the more data and insights we get :slight_smile:

Salut, ça donne quoi en terme de vokume ?

Thanks for showing interest!
May I ask you the current traffic volume of your app?
In the meantime, I am waiting for a Javascript engineer to review our code and make sure it’s safe to use regarding performance and data (we extract sensitive data such as user email or screenshots that can contains user passwords)

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