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Bubble App of the Day: Tinyask

We asked Tinyask's co-founders, Wei Li Lim and Isaac Ng, about building an audio Q&A platform app that allows users to hear how others have built their careers. The app asks tiny quesstions on big career milestones to help navigate the ambiguity of career progression and transition. Wei and Isaac chose Bubble because the no-code platform enables them to directly build across all three parts of the app in one editor, while still being able to connect to external plugins and APIs.

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Thanks for featuring us!

Hey bubble forum :wave:
I’ve spent countless days/nights lurking in the deepest parts of this forum! Most bubblers I know have been going solo but just know you don’t have to!
Would love to connect with any one who is curious abt our process/progress & open to nocode reviews together.
Just drop me a dm! or shoot me questions here :point_right: