Introducing a new podcast from Bubble!

Hey Bubblers, we’ve launched a podcast!

Bubble Presents: The No-Code Hustle

The Bubble team showcases our community’s greatest creators and most interesting innovators in our latest video and podcast series, The No-Code Hustle. You will hear from real makers and Bubble builders, see walkthroughs of their apps, and learn what they’ve discovered on their no-code journey.

Why did we do this?

We have been reaching out to members of the community to share their stories with us and we couldn’t be more impressed with our Bubble community. Everywhere we looked we found incredible entrepreneurs building even more amazing tools using Bubble. As we collected these stories we felt the best way to share this with the larger Bubble community was by interviewing and recording our conversations with these Bubblers. So tune in, and with each episode you’ll hear from Bubblers solving real problems in their communities and how Bubble has transformed their business. From speed of execution to building adding new features, to even buying and selling Bubble applications, we cover just some of the things that are possible with Bubble.

Check out our first three episodes here: or on Spotify, GooglePlay, and Apple Podcasts. If you like what you hear please support us and your fellow Bubblers by rating us wherever you listen.

On a last note, if you or someone you know would be a good fit for our podcast, you can reach out to us.

Thank you!

Erik and the Bubble team


Love it! The new daily does of inspiration.



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Stoked for this :slight_smile:

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Tom Eisner from CommonPage here.

I hope:

A) you can understand my accent
B) get some value from my contribution to the episode

Happy to answer any further questions people may have.



I just started watching the NuCode one and I love the format. A bit about the person, a bit about the business, a bit about the app. I specially love the “Show Me The Editor” part.

About NuCode, on 46:17 @joe5 starts talking about a hidden group to hold the comments. Why didn’t you use a state on the page? I’m curious if there are some pros/cons that I’m not aware of.


yo Rico! You can definitely do it both ways tbh, just my personal preference so I have something physical on the page and don’t forget (even that is likely not a good reason).

Both do exactly the same thing as far as I know.

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Enjoyed the Editor bit too @rico.trevisan but wouldn’t it have been so much more interesting as a video? That would have been a great learning opportunity.

EDIT - just realised the bubble link above has the video. That will teach me to default to my usual podcast app. Now to go watch and listen …

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