Bubble as backend for Adalo app

Bubble free plan allows you to have up to 0.5 of data storage which could be enough for a small app, on the other hand, Adalo free plan is limited to 50 rows of data per app, that wouldn’t be enough for the app I’m working on, my question is
if I were to build an Adalo app using Bubble as backend (free plan both) which plan would apply to me concerning data storage?
also, if I use free plan for both would that mean both Adalo branding AND Bubble branding would show up in the app?

First of all if you want to use bubble as a backend you need bubble API and is available only in paid plan,

U can use external db like Zano for free which you use for storage and has an easy API

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In addition to @siddharth comments. You cannot use external API in Adalo’s free plan. It is only an available paid plan and I want to say that it doesn’t show good performance in external API.

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