Save externally uploaded file to Bubble database


I’m using Adalo to build my frontend with Bubble as a backend + web app. One thing I want users to be able to do is create new Things (products in my case) through the frontend. Got everything working, however the image file I’m having my users upload is now stored in Adalo. Is there any way I can create a backend workflow that grabs the file from that url and stores it into the Bubble database?

This way I could then remove the image from Adalo and have all images stored in a single database rather than having them in different storages.

Run an API call and send this data in the API call to the Bubble App.

I believe API calls come under Adalo’s paid plan though.


Ranjit | Blur Apps

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Thanks @blurapps ! Not really what I was looking for though. I’m already working with the Bubble API and created a few workflows, among which is one that creates a new product. The product is created in Adalo (my frontend) so stores the image through imgix.

I found what I was looking for though: Save to S3 did the trick!

That’s good to hear!
Cheers :slight_smile: