Adalo to bubble?

I am making an app (social media app) and it will be advertised by 3 famous people, so I am expecting a lot of users expecting around 5-10k users in first few days, and Idk if adalo database can handle all this and I was researching and hard you also have to pay for action clicks or something, so now I am really scared because I fully built the app on adalo and its ready to publish
Now I am worried my users will delete the app due to it being slow or it cant handle a certain amount of users.

now I am scared that I might have to transfer over to Flutterflow or maybe like bubble, but Idk how to use any of those apps. What should I do stay with adalo for switch to there, so should I transfer to bubble, and if so is there someone I can find or pay to build me this app?

Hello @envysmm0 welcome back to the forum!

How about sticking to Adalo and when you have the problem … then you have a “good” problem to solve for.

Sounds like starting your Bubble learning is in order as one thing is for certain with software … change is constant :smiley:

Here a few suggestions on learning resources:


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