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Bubble backend database slow loading


Is there a problem with the the backend database loading? It´s taking a long time to load the data and also what´s the “search” box for? I´ve tried several times to search something and every time returns nothing.

Thanks a lot.

Hi @ryanck,

I encourage to read this answer from Josh

and provide exactly what is asked for… Otherwise, a general statement like ‘it’s slow’ is not something we can use.

Yep, and what about the search box?

If the search is slow, please put it in a repeating group. Again, please provide what is asked in the post.

A slow search is much less of a problem than a slow repeating group.

I´m not talking about an slow repeating group I´m talking about the backend database in Bubble. That the search box never finds anything.

Thanks a lot @emmanuel

Are you referencing the data tab in the editor?

Yeah, that´s right. Sorry I call it the backend but I guess that´s not the word.

Thanks a lot.

Ah ok, I gotcha. What are you searching for specifically? I’ve found that when searching for users, I have to type the whole email address to get a result, and sometimes I need to fiddle with the browser width to make sure stuff shows up. It’s a bit finicky, and usually I just end up building my own admin page to load stuff I’m looking for.

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You´re right, Emmanuel told me the same: that I´ve to build my own admin page to load stuff.

Hope this gets better soon.

Thanks a lot @potentialthings

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This is the direction I have gone in for all of my apps. It’s honestly the best way to go about solving your problem. Bubble gives us the tools to build any kind of search interface we can imagine, so why not fully utilize it?

Just a tip: create one master admin area that you can later duplicate or re-use across multiple apps. With the ‘connect a Bubble app’ feature you could in theory build one single app that is the admin panel that can search and interact with all data fields across all apps.