Bubble Bing Search Tip

Similar to my tip on how to use Google Vision’s API, (Google Cloud Vision Tip)

Here is the configuration for how to setup Bing Search API that will be current past October 31, 2020’s conversion of Azure Cognitive’s services to Bing…

The first thing you need to do is set yourself up a FREE Azure account on

Once you have your MS Azure account go to the Portal page, just go back to the link above and select Portal in the header menu.

Then click on “Create a Resource” the big blue Plus sign. And search for Bing Search or Bing Custom Search either will work.

Once you create your resource, select “Go to Resource”

Your keys and endpoints are well defined.


The only difference between the Google Vision API and the MS Bing Search API is that Microsoft uses a Get so you need to defined each individual parameter, and in Microsoft’s case, the query parameter is just “q”. and so you don’t have to retype it the name of the key your are setting your entering your keys for is “Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key” and the key value is your key.

For how to use the repeating group, just look at the Google Cloud Vision Tip and change the name of the API to your Bing API name in each of the repeating groups and in the workflow steps.

Have fun playing with bubbles…