Bubble Blog research: What should every startup have in its tech stack?

Hi, everyone!

My name is Deedi, and I’m Bubble’s head of content. We’re working on a couple of blog posts about tech stacks, and I would like to include some quotes from members of this community. You all have so much great insight that I know others could benefit from!

My questions are:

  1. What are some tools you think every startup should have in its tech stack? (Besides Bubble, of course!) What are the most important things to consider here?
  2. What are some tools you think are especially valuable in a product-specific tech stack — that is, the tools that make your product run (not the company overall)?
  3. If you knew you were going to use a wrapper to list your Bubble app on app stores, would that change the tools you’d choose for your product-specific tech stack? How?

Of course, I welcome any other thoughts you have on the topic of tech stacks, too.

Please reply below if you have thoughts on any or all of these questions, and we may feature your reply in a Bubble Blog post.

Thank you so much!

Deedi, she/her

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Absolutely need an analytics tool or some way to measure how your product is performing. I love PostHog for product analytics.

Makes it easy to understand how a product is performing and PostHog covers a lot of product experimentation methods (a/b testing, product analytics, web analytics, session records).

Hi Deedi,

At Integrity Sign Solutions, we’ve found a few tools useful:

  • Postman makes API testing straightforward and effective.
  • Google Analytics is crucial for tracking how our content performs in search results.
  • GPT-4 is a game-changer for structuring and visualizing data.
  • QuickBooks Online: Connected via API, it’s integral for handling our invoicing efficiently.

For our communications, we rely on Postmark for sending out emails and Stripo for designing them. And since we’re using the BDK wrapper for our mobile app, Google Firebase has been key for managing app performance and implementing deep links.

Microsoft Clarity allows you to really understand how users behave on your site.

Usersnap is really good for getting effective bug reports rather than ‘it just doesn’t work’.