We got interviewed by IndieHackers (lots of Bubble love)

Our profitable and rapidly growing Bubble based startup has caught the eye of IndieHackers.

Let’s go!



@scott3 fascinating insight and thank you for sharing. I appreciate you are a full stack developer but if things are working with your current stack Bubble etc could I enquire as to the rationale, drivers etc move to Ember.js (front end, MVC framework)
MongoDB (database). I was always under the impression that Zapier was fine to get things off the ground but native integration would be a production level solution and long-term.

Zapier has worked fine as we scale, but as a dev I’d like to have a fully fleshed out API.
As far as the move away from Bubble in the future, rationals are:

  1. Testing! I can’t just yell YOLO! and deploy anymore. The lack of testing on Bubble has gone from a nuisance to something I just can’t live with.
  2. Backend access and speed of troubleshooting. To troubleshoot the logs on bubble I have to search minute by minute - and the logs are slow. Not to mention it’s a black box.
  3. Reliability of workflows. I’ve seen a lot of times where workflows in Bubble don’t pass information the next step needs. Since I can’t do anything about it in the code I have to rely on hacky solutions that don’t really work for me anymore. With code I can make sure things run synchronously when I need them to, and Error handling to tell me when things go wrong.

Lots of love towards Bubble - it’s gotten us to this point, and I know they’re working on most of the issues I’m mentioning here. At this point, I need control and to be able to fine tune the inner workings of my app. It’s time for us to begin the transition towards something like that… I need to be able to run a test suite before I push a change. Currently, I don’t have this and it’s caused an unbelievable amount of heartache for my self and my other dev.

I’m going to drop this here… for anyone reading this that’s making less than 30k MRR with a Bubble product, this is not meant to discourage you from using Bubble. Don’t be that guy who asks ‘how will this scale’ while having 0 customers. Build!