Are Bubble and/or AWS failing to load pages properly?

For about a week, maybe more, Bubble has been sporadically failing to load pages correctly.

In some cases, just about everything on the page is pushed to the left and on top of each other.
In some cases, icons are not appearing.
In some cases, a message about the browser failing to retrieve (receive?) the page is displayed.

In some but not all cases, simply reloading the page clears things up.

The problem of icons not appearing also occurred in the forum last week.

Here’s an example of a page with elements shoved to the left:

and here’s a hint of how it should look:

I went from the screwed up view to the proper rendering simply with Ctrl-R.

Sorry I don’t have more detail or images, but at first I figured it was a short term problem, but it happened again this morning. If it happens again, I’ll update this post.

Hi @laurence !

This is not happening to me. :neutral_face:

Thanks, Rafael.

This morning, a couple of times I’ve simply gotten a blank browser page. Then once, doing a reload, got this:

"Your browser was unable to load the application data. We’ve been notified of the issue. Please try again in a few moments and make sure not to use ad-blockers."

The problem seems to occur only in Chrome, but happens infrequently enough that I can’t readily do a browser comparison to see if it would happen in Edge.

So far it appears that the Bubble loading problems only occur in Chrome.

I rarely use Chrome except for Bubble development and the primary instance of my production app. I also use Chrome for my infrequent for gmail and Google apps like Sheets. Today I attempted to upload a spreadsheet and Chrome detected a problem. (Sorry, no details; I didn’t think it might relate to Bubble.) It provided instructions for clearing cache and cookies, which I followed.

Google’s detection of the problem and guidance on how to solve it was excellent.

So now I’m wondering if something was wrong in cache or cookies that has been affecting Bubble, my app and the Bubble forum.

We’ll see.

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