Bubble builder unreliable?


Am I the only one who is experience the builder sometimes randomly messing up stuff by itself?
I sometimes find my elements randomly sorted and I have to sort them in the right order again.
Another time, like right now, some elements disappeared and I lost a lot of work…
Currently using Chrome on Mac…

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I noticed something similar about 6 months ago. I haven’t seen it happen since. Probably worth a bug report…

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Just my 2 cents, been here since 2017. Haven’t had “random” mess ups like that. I would not consider the builder unreliable - Not any less reliable than VS Code, Wappler, any Adobe product, or any other means to develop websites/software apps.


That’s great to hear, cause I really love Bubble and I much prefer this being a problem with my setup that can hopefully be fixed somehow.
I guess there might be a problem with my Chrome, then.
I had issues more than a few times and I often reset the cache to try prevent them.

It also often happens that the error icon start showing some errors by itself. If I check the error shown, it’s usually an empty field in a workflow (which I had previously already filled in). In fact, I don’t need to fill it again, I just need to refresh the page: the error disappears and the field is now not empty anymore.
It happens so often that when I see an error displayed, I first refresh the page, and most of the time the error notification is gone.

This is an annoyance but nothing compared to when I get some permanent loss of my work, like today, or the general sense of insecurity of building a complex app and fearing that the builder might mess up something without me even noticing immediately…

Any advice of what it could be?

I feel you @snowsnow – I seem to be having browser issues lately too (but they haven’t affected my Bubble thankfully). Unfortunately I’m not sure what might be happening in your case. :confused: I just had to reinstall my Chrome because it refused to pickup my new printer. Fixed the problem. But seems radical for your case. lol

Why not try using another browser for a few days and see if the problem persists? It’s a good way to troubleshoot editor issues.

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