Builder Crashes a Lot

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Bubble and I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now. I kicked off my project using the Jobly template I purchased from Zeroqode.

They have what they call a “single page app” which seems to be an app that loads almost the entire app’s content into a single page. They have since broken it out into smaller pages it looks like, but the giant bloated “dashboard” is still in here.

My current challenge is that any time I touch that page in any way, or load anything associated with it, Bubble has a complete meltdown. Not only does it crash the builder, but it takes down the “My apps” tab and the forums tab that is open in a separate window.

I’m working on deleting the dashboard by slowly deleting elements from it, and I’m hoping this will fix the problem.

But this has rally shaken my faith in Bubble’s ability to host anything stable that I could take to an investor. I would love to hear from people who have large and more complex apps successfully running in Bubble. If it’s not possible… I may just try to get to MVP on here, then hire developers to rebuild on something like Flutter.

Also, if there are any best practices for building efficiently, please share!


The Bubble editor does consume a fair amount of resources, but the actual deployed app will consume far less. For building with Bubble, it would be best to use a contemporary browser such as Chrome; and a machine with a fair bit of RAM is also helpful.

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Hello Tom, and welcome to Bubble.
We all have our ups and downs with Bubble, so all outdoor tools also have their challenges. Remember that Bubble is made from a powerful language and database. In three years my browser has never crashed, and I preferably use my mac with 8 gig of ram. It seems at first glance that corruption has occurred because of your system. If possible, switch computers to confirm that the ‘bug’ is really your application, not with your entire machine environment (fast best advice :wink: ).


I was finally able to delete those massive pages that were in the template and things are running a lot smoother now.

I’m currently on an iMac 4.2 GHz i7 with 48 gig of ram and I always use the latest version of Chrome.

Thank you! By using smaller versions of the page with fewer elements, it’s no longer a “single page app” but that’s totally okay because it’s running SO MUCH better now!

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Try running on Firefox. I found that bubble was really really slow on chrome for me. I switched to Firefox and it was soooo much better.

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Great! :+1: Your setup is certainly more than adequate!

Okay, I’ll give this a shot!

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That’s interesting! Which platform (OS) are you using?

Welcome to Bubble @tom7!

In past experience, I too, have purchased the Jobly template and had the same issue. I recommend purchasing templates (if needed) that are more focused on UI or simplified versions of apps if you need a head start, as purchasing one that is a ‘fully built out application’ isn’t usually a good idea.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Windows 10

Duuuuuude. Are saying you have never seen this?


I use an iMac with 8 gig of ram I purchased new 3 years ago and the latest version of Chrome and I literally have all my Bubble editor tabs crash every couple of hours.

Please tell me how to keep that from happening!

Hi Eli,

It all depends if your mac was built in China or Japan :slight_smile:
No, I do not see this symbol. This may depend on the reliability of your internet. The image seems to say “information not available.” The best way is to temporarily work on another machine and change network. I do not think this problem is widespread.


I’m using Chrome with 4 separate pages (with 4 Manage People to create different env) with 21 tabs open all day (5 Bubble editor). Sometimes when the machine starts to be slower, I just open the Chrome Task Manager, and kill the GPU process.


Ahhh! Just happened again:

I’m connected directly to 200 Mbps internet. Have zero issues with any other services, just the Bubble editor.

My assumption was it was a widespread issue. Now that I know it’s not, I’m getting to work on my computer.

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Maybe if you work too much with Bubble, you need 2000 Mbps :joy:



I did just pull up the Chrome Task Manager and killed the GPU process. That in itself seems to have increased the speed chrome is operating at. What does that actually do?

I get this ALL the time when I have more than 1 editor open… And I’m running the same internet speed with a significant desktop (same on my mac too). I thought I was the only one lol :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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GPU Graphics Processor Unit, you need to ask Google for this :slight_smile: It acts as a buffer and gets bigger and bigger. Maybe open a new user session on your mac, and see?

The Bubble editor always slows down after a couple of hours or so. A refresh always fixes it, but it is really annoying. It seems that Bubble caches a lot of information and therefore needs too much memory. Maybe the Bubble team can build in some memory management?

Hi @Thimo,

Yes, that’s right, I have to kill the Bubble editor process when it reaches 2 gb. The best way is to never change from page to page in Bubble. Open many tabs and it fixes the problem.

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