Bubble seems to continue to have problems

It seems as though bubble has been really having issues lately. Everything has been off for the past week. Is their something going on. Even my app development screen is off now.

We are not doing anything different. Please let me know if bubble is undergoing major changes that could effect my website.


There is only so much that I can get around with bubble issues

What do you mean by “issues” ?

The list of issues in your app ?

Thank you for the quick reply, im talking about as far as the platform ( we are working on something, thats the reason for the 4 errors. But thats not what im talking about.

For example: look at these two pages, and look at the header difference… We are using the same headers on all pages, but it seems as though its showing up different. But I can tell something is going on due to the actual bubble header itself is messing up. (look towards the right side of the screen, my icons to search (near “development”) is messing up).

Does HTML implementation mess up bubble? I don’t see how this would be the issue though.

@jamat1 - I only see one page.

Likely a “bleed” of styles into the editor. If you have a HTML element, the editor renders it to show something of what it looks like, and possibly some styles you have in there also apply to the editor itself.

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I’m not having bubble issues but I did have, and a few others on the forum, had problems with HTML Page headers after the new branding. Instead of putting the HTML in the page header we moved it to when the page is loaded and everything seemed to be ok. Not sure if that is your problem but it might be worth a shot.

bubble is having a lot of issues that are randomly popping up

this week alone:

1)when editing a certain group, that group’s workflow would stop functioning completely

2)repeating group set to search specific data would not update automatically to find newly posted data

i came up with fixes for these, but i had to spent a lot of time finding the fixes, and it was time lost. its also worrying to see that random things are breaking down when you least expect it.

Are bug reports being sent? Best to have the bubble team resolve these issues as opposed to finding workarounds in my opinion.

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While frustrating to encounter bugs, to better address the issue, it’s helpful to provide more background information on what’s happening. (Ie. what browser you’re using, if the issue persists across browsers, etc.). That way, it’s easier for the community (and Bubble team) to pinpoint issues and offer suggestions.

Simple question: when you refresh the editor, does the issue with misalignment of items in the editor persist? (Follow-up: when you click the “gift” icon - does the issue persist? Maybe it is inadvertently stretching the page).

For consideration, when I disconnect from my external monitor, sometimes I encounter quirks in how the page re-cobbles itself together to fit a new screen size, causing some occasional rendering issues. As well, intentionally using the zoom in/out from 100% causes issues like your screenshot.

Its was the html implementation, it was messing up editor as well. We fixed the issue. Thank you guys for your help!

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