Bubble built-in PDF creation for secure pages

We really need a built-in facility to create PDF from secure pages - the only plugin that does it client side creates an image file branded as PDF, all others require you to send links to pages to external services which is not an option for secure pages. Please please can we have this?


I agree :slightly_smiling_face: :computer:

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This would be something cool to have


+++ 1,000,000 likes for this.

Please @emmanuel This is so important to so many users and potential new users!!!


Report generation especially in PDF is I need it so bad and bubble!

It’s a lacking feature that is holding one of my apps back at the mo and I really don’t want to go down the ‘image’ pdf route

In the monthly update they’ve said that is coming.

I ve tried all the existing plugins
None can really handle page breaks.
++ 3 apps needing this !

Lets pray to the Gods!!

I missed that. Do you have a link to it?