New plugin: PDF generator +

I have released my first public Bubble plugin: PDF GENERATOR + Plugin | Bubble

  1. Print any page from your app to PDF.
  2. Print any specific element to PDF.
  3. Print any external page to PDF using a server side action.

Editor: PDF Generate demo 1 | Bubble Editor

More details on plugin page. Let me know if there are any questions.


Unfortunately this plugin outputs raster graphics, where you can get it easily through free plugins.

I wouldn’t call your contributor account ‘Bubble++’ as it implies affiliation with Bubble and that goes against their brand guidelines: Brand Guidelines | Bubble


Thanks for the heads up! I have rebranded my contributor account to SageDev.

Hi Nakita! Thanks for the feedback! Can you please help me with an example? I’d fix it immediately.

Did you mean it is producing lower quality graphics on client side? I can crank up the quality, though that might result in larger file sizes.

Looking for vector graphics, To get a raster PDF in bubble there are many free plugins, then why someone need to buy the same one. If you got a vector option (High quality PDF) not an image embed, it will be a game changer