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CRAZY PDF GENERATOR with/without watermark//

Released new bubble plugin crazy pdf generator and crazy pdf watermark with/without watermark and or encryption.

Demo also included in the plugin description page. It’s fully backend services and store into bubble file manager

If you need any new services please let us know.

Encryption is aes256

@mani2726 This is interesting. Bookmarked!

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Nice work! :muscle:

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Thank you guy’s :relieved:

Anything need to improve/ add then please let me know your thoughts. That is most welcome :relaxed:

this is great work :slight_smile:

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Enhanced service for saving pdf to your bubble app.

Improved processing time for getting output (pdf).

Price dropped for the monthly charges :sparkler:

Hi @mani2726 - I trie this out and said the server timed out. Could you take a look at it?

Hi @klaas.vanhoeck1 ,
Kindly check now.

Now getting an error due to wrong input parameters, but working my way through it. Could you make the Demo Editor again available. It is private right now


Hi @klaas.vanhoeck1 ,
Will let you know soon.

Hi @mani2726 - Thanks! Now I even get a more severe error. Hope that helps with debugging.

kind regards

Now, you can able to access the bubble editor.

If any please let me know.