Bubble calendar (change-logs + clearing clicked date)

Hey there - hoping someone can help.

I’ve set-up the following workflow:

  1. page loads
  2. automatically a state is set with a list of items
  3. automatically a state is set identifying the first item in this list
  4. the item’s information is loaded with an empty calendar
  5. the user clicks a day in the calendar
  6. a workflow based on “when a calendar day is clicked” is automated
  7. it updates that item with the day that has been clicked
  8. the user can then click “next”
  9. the set state identifying the current item is updated and the next item is identified
  10. the new data loads and the user can then select a date for this next item (and so on…)

I’m having 2 issues:

First, when they click the calendar date, I also have (in the workflow) the creation of a “change log” where it captures what the date was previously, and what is is now. This is done before the change is made to the item; yet for some reason it’s capturing the clicked date as both the old date and the new date in the change log.

Second, when they click “next” and the next item’s information is loaded, the date they clicked for the previous item is still highlighted in the calendar. I’ve tried resetting inputs, putting the calendar into a group and resetting the data etc.; however nothing seems to clear this date. In the calendar settings, the “date to appear at first” is current date/time. This isn’t impacting their ability to select a date; however it’s not super clear then if they haven’t noticed the new information was loaded.

Can you provide access to your app? or at least create a dummy one which recreates this problem?