Reset other items state while clicking on a new item in a repeating group


I am a beginner to bubble, with very little knowledge in development and I have been struggling to create a custom calendar. The idea in the end is to have a calendar where the user can navigate in the different dates and display a list of event occurring on the selected day below the calendar.
For now I have managed to display the days of the calendar and set a “Selected” state to the days of the calendar on click.

Now I would like to clear this state when the user click on a new day of the calendar, so that only the last clicked day as a Selected state. If you can help me I would be very grateful, thank you!

If you have a custom state of type date (this is NOT a list), then start a workflow when the user clicks on a date to set the custom state equal to the current date. This will automatically replace the previous value. Then you can set up conditionals on the date to make it visually reflect the selected date.

Thank you! I will try this!
I think I made both mistake, setting the state as a list and as a text (and not a date), I will rectify that and let you know if it worked!

It worked to select the days with the date (and not the text), but if i click on another day, the previous one stays in a selected state

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