Bubble Calendar Change


Regarding Bubble’s own calendar, can I ask a small change be made to it.

In the layout options is the Available Views setting like so…


Once you’ve set it, it would be nice to be able to conditionally change it if you wish, through the Conditions section on the Calendar element, as shown in this list…
(I see no way to change it)

The calendar is very useful but when you view on mobile devices when the “Available Views” option is set to “Day - month - week” then it chops some of it off the screen when the date in the middle becomes longer.

I tend to start with Month view and it would be nice to be able to change it to another view via a button or custom state etc.

Tagging: @neema


Neema isn’t with Bubble anymore, you must change your tag with Eve.

Oh ok, thanks for that John, will do!

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Thanks for the tag! Please do submit this to our team by email at support@bubble.io - we’ll be happy to put in a ticket with engineering to assess!

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Thanks Eve, I’ll do that :slight_smile: