Bubble capability

Hello - I am new to bubble and trying to figure out if this is a best platform for creating a deliver service. We are looking for a solution where customer can place an order from third party platform and the orders will come to our platform (potential bubble). We will route this to our driver and make sure the driver pick up order from third party and deliver the product to the customer.
Use case:

  1. Customer places an order on third party platform. We integrate with their system to push the order to our site for deliver. Need: some sort an API call or custom integration with third party vendor platform.
    a. Customer finished with the selection of products on third party vendor and then given option to deliver. Note: this process will have to be worked out with third party who is providing the product.
    b. Customer is then routed to our site and makes the delivery payment and insert delivery address.
    i. If new customer, then create an account. If existing customer the profile will be saved.
  2. The order is then sent to us and we allocate the available driver to route the order to pick up the product and deliver to customer.
    a. We will need a driver interface for routing pick up and deliver.
  3. We need back office interface to ensure pickup’s and delivery’s are taking place.

Key Component:
Customer order portal
Delivery Driver portal
Back Office portal

Is this something can be done in bubble? What are some of the limitation we will have? Hope to hear your response?

An app like that can easily be built with Bubble by someone that knows how to do the various integrations you need. You might want to check out the Templates section of Bubble’s website because there might be a template that does much of what you need and it would make building your solution faster and easier.

Thank you Patricia for your reply and suggestion.