Freelance Bubble expert wanted

We need an app developed for our small business and a mobile app developer suggested Bubble. I am NOT a developer so I have no idea if Bubble is what we need.

We are a small trucking company that picks up seafood every day, 24/7. We need an app so that our drivers have their specific pickups for the day showing on their phone, and when a pickup is completed, they check it (tap it, etc) and then on the managers app (phone), the manager can see ALL pickups for the day and each driver, and which ones have not been picked up yet.

Is this something for Bubble…or some other type of app. And if for Bubble…please engage with me to discuss as we need it built.

NOTE: I think we have found someone who can help…thank you all for your replies.

Hi Joe, this app can be built on bubble quite easily. Happy to discuss this further. Please email me at [email protected] your contact details and a time when we can connect over the phone to discuss. Cheers.

Yes, this is possible with Bubble. You may not even need a native mobile app, only a mobile-first responsive app. Although you could also create a hybrid native app.

great…emailing now

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Hello @joersvp ,

We’ll be glad to help you out with this. Check your PM please.

Regards Ezcode Team !