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BUBBLE CMS available


Now am wondering if Bubble can do a CMS (Content management System). I am asking this because am currently working on an online clothing store for a couple of different clients and was thinking these sites will probably need a lot of updating every now and then.For example updating of new stock every now and then, now am trying to figure out what to do in such a situation, will my clients keep having to come back to me for such site updates, is there a way i can monetize this bit or does Bubble have a CMS that i can develop so that the clients are able to do this for themselves?

Someone please advice on this.

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I have integrated Contenful fairly well into a Bubble product based site.

Contentful allowed them to update product information, change pictures, add new items etc without me having to change anything.


Hi @NigelG,

Thank you for responding.
Now can you explain in english please :slight_smile: how this works?

Well, I can try :slight_smile:

Instead of using the Bubble database, you set up your data on Contentful.

You can then invite your users to add the data. It has all sorts of thigs that would take a while to build in Bubble, such as preview and draft/publish.

And in bubble, you use the API Connector to get back the data…

As with most API based products, the documentation is very badly written. But they are helpful.

There is a product based demo (that is the data above, for the Espresso machine) available when you sign up.


If you don’t like the idea of implementing a 3rd party here, why don’t you create an admin panel for your end-users to manage the creation and editing of the Products (clothing) in your case, so that users can manage it themselves?

Sounds very straightforward from the functional perspective.

Thank you for responding.
I agree with you on this.Thank you

How have you handled HTML with this? I looked into Contentful as well, but they use markdown formatting, so for an actual blog (example), it wouldn’t play nice.

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I parsed the markdown and returned HTML.


Can Contentful work well with Bubble if I have a marketplace app that requires many users to list multiple items weekly?

For that you are probably going to be better off building your own “create listing” page. As @vladlarin points out, it is likely to be much simpler.

But where your end users are asking for more control over their content, and maybe want to display that content in several ways, then it is worth having a look at Contenful.

That way you separate out the DISPLAY from the STORAGE / MANAGEMENT - which is a good thing when change or complexity arrives. If you tie the Presentation too tightly to the Data - small changes in the UI mean changes to the back end every time.

Thank you for the explanation.

I will build my own then since I’m not going to give the users much control on how the content will be displayed :slight_smile:

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