Is it possible to create a CMS/website builder in Bubble?

A customer of mine asked me if I can develop a CMS system for them, which I definitely can, but I’m not sure if this is possible in Bubble. I’m pretty sure all the functionality can be build (create account, add blog post, add portfolio item, change header title), but is it also possible to let users connect their own domain to their website created in my bubble app?

Is there someone who did something like this in bubble? I know we can do it using a CNAME record, but Bubble needs to accept the DNS record and redirect the user to the applicable website.


Hi @g.rinzema you should check out @romanmg’s Coaching Bubble’s website here - I think it’s exactly the example you are looking for:

From the footer: Coaching Bubble is proudly built without code on Bubble

I’ve worked for two companies (one past, one current) whose flagship product was/is an enterprise-grade CMS for publishers. I haven’t built one using Bubble yet, but I have built a CRM with a few CMS capabilities.

It really depends on how powerful the client needs it to be; what kind of content they’re using it for and how they wish to manipulate it. So for example, Bubble probably wouldn’t be the greatest option for building something like Wordpress. That said, it can still do a lot.

Biggest Bubble CMS Limitations (that I’m aware of):

  • Uploading - File size limit is 50MB.
  • FTP - not supported.
  • Transcoding - not supported.

Bubble’s Redeemable CMS Aspects:

  • Can easily manage content that’s been uploaded and stored in other places, (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, YouTube, etc. I’d even look into Google Drive for Business.)
  • Supports html - if you need to display embed codes for the user to copy and paste his content elsewhere on the web, you can successfully combine code with dynamic data to display a unique output. (Ex: enter standard embed code, fill in the source url with dynamic link from that thing.)
  • Can build a highly customized interface to display lists of content, videos, images, url previews, and more.
  • Open source = can implement any API you want.

I’m always hesitant to say any overall goal is completely impossible with tech like this, because if you’re persistent enough, and usually with some ingenuity, you can make a way to make it work. Especially with services like Zapier and Blockspring out there.

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@willtaylordesign Thanks for your reply! I do see the possibilities to create such CMS with Bubble, my only concern is the lack of giving users the opportunity to link their domain name with my bubble app (for example using CNAME). It would be great if bubble supports such feature in the future.

This would give me everything I need to create and offer a CMS/website builder SaaS.

Have you looked into sub apps to solve the domain issue?

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Can you tell me how to (manage) content that’s been uploaded to Dropbox/Box? I understand we can upload to Box using the file uploader, but beyond that I haven’t found any direction. I really have a need for that capability.


I would check out this plugin and email airdev to see if they can add anything you’re missing.

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@vlad I sent you an email regarding this.

@Vlad. I’ve received no response here or to my email. Is airdev not interested in helping me?

@gnelson - you sent us a message over the weekend, please allow us 1-2 full business days to review and respond.

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