Bubble Crashes every 10 minutes

Anyone else seeing this more often than you like. I am just in the editor. It gets extremely slow and then seconds later “Aw, Snap” appears. Seems to be happening much more frequently lately.

Huge page? large PSA?

Does it crash on an empty page?

Try rebooting, clearing cache, etc.

Also, check your plugins. I had an issue recently that was similar to this. And it all stemmed from using images in Bubble’s native RTE element.

interesting…i recently added the RTF plugin. I have removed it. Will see if that helps…thanks

yes every page.

Yeah could be eating your RAM and therefore causing your web browser to crash. Best to keep the editor in a single tab and try to keep sessions lean e.g. not leave the editor in a tab for days or weeks on end without closing and opening fresh.

Every 10 minutes does sound too frequent tbh, I’d check your RAM usage and situation to see if there is any correlation there.

Had a similar issue with chrome… memory problem added 16GB memory to 32GB and problem disappeared.

thanks everyone. I rebooted and removed the RTF plugin. No issues in the last hour

I have been leaving multiple tabs open for days on end. Probably a combination of all these reasons.


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