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Bubble custom map plugin development of real estate website. Integrate map with external api

I am looking for someone who can build a plugin in that can do the following.

API Key - please contact

Create an event to watch map boundaries change

  • Get the following map boundaries NorthEast ,NorthWest,SouthWest,SouthEast

Format map bounds for API get request

  • GET /listings?map=[[[-79.3989583050167,43.67569481095509],[-79.34314488817806,43.67569481095509],[ -79.34314488817806,43.66839439185377],[-79.3989583050167,43.66839439185377]]]
  • Map = [[[NorthEast],[NorthWest],[SouthWest],[SouthEast]]]

Send Map bounds in API parameters under “map” to get all listings that fall in the map bounds

  • GET /listings?map=[[[NorthEast],[NorthWest],[SouthWest],[SouthEast]]]
  • Example: GET /listings?map=[[[-79.3989583050167,43.67569481095509],[-79.34314488817806,43.67569481095509],[ -79.34314488817806,43.66839439185377],[-79.3989583050167,43.66839439185377]]]

Display map markers From API response using map.point from JSON response “POINT (-79.39041209999999 43.6711102)” that are in the boundaries the user is viewing on the map.

Refresh API call and update map markers when the map is dragged and viewport boundaries change.

Create a Cluster of markers for multiple markers in a defined area.

  • Clusters to have the number of listings shown in the middle of the cluster circle
  • The cluster circle graphic can be edited
  • Cluster “number of listings in cluster” font, font details & colours can be edited

Create an event when the Map marker is clicked to display “info card” in a focus group

  • The Focus group will be linked to the specific listing with the marker
  • Any objects of that listing(the one clicked) can be mapped to any element later added to the focus group
  • The Focus group will display listing photos in a carousel format, the full Address of the property, The MLS number, The list price, the status, a favourite button which saves the listing to the Users profile in the bubble database shaped like a heart(when not clicked its empty and when clicked its red)

When the Info box is clicked displays listing webpage

When the User returns to the map page show the previous boundaries location on the map before being redirected.

Users can also create polygons on the Map and the geographical points of this polygon can be sent to the API for a request of listings in that polygon. Multiple polygons can be created at once.


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@ibrahim.s I strongly advise to edit your post and remove your API key, this should stay private!

Thanks for the heads up

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Hey @ibrahim.s! I am Nina from - a marketplace for experts in modern tools. There are a lot of experienced devs who will be able to build a plugin for you, but I’m pretty sure Wang is the one you’re looking for. He has great expertise in Bubble, so guess would be happy to help you with your request.
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