Bubble data api constraint on an option set field

I saw on some other threads that it appears to be not possible to filter on fields which are option sets using the data API.

The workaround is to use the workflow API and match the option set manually.

Is there any plan to fix this?

you could add another field to the data type that is the option set value in text form, so the field is text, then you can filter on it. I do this often to be able to sort by it.

but then you need to maintain 2 data fields. unless you’re saying there’s a way to tie the two values so they are always in sync?



When you need to modify a thing, to change 1 data field on it, you can actually change all or only as many data fields on that thing in the single make changes to thing action.

So, when you were to already have had a workflow action for make changes to a things status field that is related to an option set, you will simply add to that action the other field that is the text representation of the field related to the status.