Bubble Data Privacy Question

Hi all!

I have a question on Bubble data privacy I’m hoping someone can help me out with. I think it’s best explained with an example:

My app has a database type called exam, which include the exams name, description etc, as well as a pass mark for the specific exam.

When a user takes a particular exam, the workflow will compare their score to the pass mark and calculate whether they have passed or failed.

Now - in terms of data privacy, it seems that I want the exam data type to be public, as the basic info needs to be displayed on the webpage (the exams name and information etc), and the pass mark needs to be used in the above calculation.

However - what I don’t want is for the pass mark to be publicly visible to users. I want the calculation as to whether a user passed or failed to be done behind the scenes. If, however, I make the exam data type hidden behind some privacy rule(s) it prevents users from being able to run the workflow to calculate pass/fail.

Might be a silly question and hoping theres an obvious solution to this kind of thing. Privacy is one of the last big Bubble topics I still need to master.

Cheers in advance!

Hi there, @lee.shiouxios… one way (the only way?) to handle what you have described is to put the proper privacy rule(s) in place to secure the pass mark on the front end. Then, use a backend workflow to do the pass mark check because you can ignore privacy rules when running backend workflows.

Hope this helps.