Bubble Data Upload Not Matching Existing Data in Database

I am building an app using Bubble.io and I run into the following error when I upload data into a table: “found 0 entries with value Tirana in the table of City. Please fix: this is row 1.” I do have a row with the value Tirana in the table of City. I have verified this with a search in Bubble. Help please. It been a very frustrating experience over 2 days.

Hi @operations6
I am assuming you are uploading a CSV?
Can you share the mapping for fields for your upload.
And the screenshot from data tab for this table

Case and white-space sensitivity could be the issue, are you sure it’s Tirana exactly with correct case sensitivity and no leading or trailing spaces?

Are you using an option set? I have / had the same issue in recent days and it was very frustrating. Currently in contact with bubble support and awaiting a reply (probably Tomorrow or the day after that).

When I wanted to modify data with a CSV upload I matched a field which referenced an option set. The values it couldn’t find were values of Option set entries where I changed the ‘Display’ value over time. In some views (eg modify existing database entry → where you can modify single entries in the database directly) it displayed the old ‘Display’ values of the option set. Everywhere else, the new values of the ‘Display’ value were displayed.

I will let you know as soon as I get an update but it seems to be an issue on Bubbles side. I am currently not on the most recent version of Bubble with my app and did not update yet - perhaps the issue also comes from there.

Let’s see what Bubble Support will reply…

My workaround was to just match the unique id of the thing I wanted to enter as a record. For big datasets a very inconvenient process but for me it was necessary to proceed work.

Here a schematic of the relevant tables I had problems with and a quick brief of my problem, and a screenshot of the “modify existing database entry” of one of the things I wanted to modify with my csv upload

Likely explanation of your issue @florianherzog :