Bubble Database Speed!


I’ve noticied a significant increase in Bubble.io Database speed processors.

Right now, I’ve just processed 2k register (Make a change to a list o things…) in less than 1 second… Tripple checked ! I could’t believe :smile:

To be sincere, I was afraid of hitting Server limits (I am on a Personal Plan…)

Has Bubble changed its performance?
Really amazed, for a momment, it seemed like MySQL…

Anyone else?



Hi @augusto1
Well, that’s a great news :tada:

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This morning my database operations also seem snappier. Maybe it is just hopeful thinking…

Now it is slower again:

As much as I would love this, I don’t think this is possible even in dedicated plans. How did you verify this was done in less than a second?

I don’t know about 1 second for 2K records, but for the little time this was working, a repeating group with 600 rows, which normally takes up to 12 seconds to fully load, was completed in less than 5 seconds. I hope this comes back soon!

This is happening some time during the year, when testing they give us full speed. After ±30 minutes of testing, they put back the reducer (sharing time by dividing the cpu clock per user). I will assumed that option of “speedy” will be available, soon the better.


Here is my test…

  1. I’ve created 2 states :
    Start and End, that registers beginning and end of processing, like this

  2. I’ve triggered 1845 registers to change, one field.
    It takes 2 seconds to trigger, then it changes instanteneosly

My video showing the process itself…

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