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Improved Database

Just noticed some improvement on the database and i think it one of the best things @Emmanuel and entire Bubble team have done


Me too and it looks nice but it takes too long to load the records every time you go to the appdata.

I´ve 376 records on a table and after 3 minutes they are not loaded yet.

@ryanck I haven’t noticed issues with speed yet. Only that at one point i got stuck on one screen under App Data but cleared after reloading. I haven’t seen a repeat of the same.

We’re working on performance and adding a few things, like bulk operation on selected items, etc. Will be live in a few hours.


Can´t wait to those bulk operation on selected items feature. Nice job!

I´m still having the issue but as you said you´re working on performance we´ll wait.

Thanks @emmanuel and good work you´re doing.

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Can you share a link?

Yeah I agree that it is an awesome change. I am noticing those slowness issues though. Especially on the live database.