Bubble Designer

I got to be honest, im no designer. To provide a backend solution is something i have passion with bubble to designing is not my forte.

Just curios, what is the rate of freelance bubbles who is willing to work with a solution. The work involve making the apps more appealing for both mobile and siteview. No workflow adjustment required.

Let me know.


I’m starting to look into opportunities in the new year (as a designer). I’ve built two Bubble apps and have a good understanding of how to efficiently build styles and manage styles, states, groups, and more for the best user experience.

I normally am a contract product designer for larger companies and my rate reflects that and my experience (10+ years). If I open up to Bubble freelance design work, I’d be charging the same rate I can garner elsewhere, which is $150/hr (and would need a contract minimum of $5k or so).

I have no idea if that’s what is normal for Bubble designers or not, but that’s certainly normal in a broader product design context for contractors.

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When I was doing freelance work in Bubble, that’s the exact setup I used. $150/hr with a $5k minimum. I didn’t have difficulty finding work when I wanted, but just got too busy to keep juggling freelance projects, my own projects, teaching, marriage, and my full-time gig :smiley:


I also love the backend part of development and I was always bothered by my lack of design chops. I’ve browsed around for courses to learn the basics, but never pulled the trigger.

Once I bumped into the videos of Refactoring UI. I liked the way he talked through what he was thinking. I started to understand the framework that he used. I ended up getting the book and all the extra perks. I loooove the color palettes.

If it is an option to invest into your design skills, this could be an option.


Thats a good video, might give it a try. juts to my expand my UIUX skills. I worked with VBA so bubble method is not too alien for me. but then again, having focus on formula, process and not very technically gifted in art, designing has always been my pushdown factor.