Bubble Develooer

looking for a help.


I’m expected to trust you because you have ‘big team of bubble developers’


IF you have an large team of Bubble Dev’s why:
is your website not Bubble?
You mention everything from Oracle to VR Dev but no mention of Bubble?

Your Website cisinlabs.com as per your note here:
Looking for a Dev

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Just another scam artist :woman_artist:

It’s not a scam, they just spam to get clients. However, it’s a legit company offering web development.

Seems like you’ve never worked with these guys. They never complete projects, copy and paste in most of their communications, lie about their portfolio, I could go on and on. Do your research before opening your mouth.

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I’ve worked with them. They do copy and paste, most freelancers do. I just said it’s not a scam, I agree with your other points.

@Bubble @emmanuel why are these types of “developers” “agencies” allowed on bubble? They clearly don’t even use Bubble and literally only post on the forum the same copied/pasted reply on any freelancing post. They don’t contribute to the Bubble community but rather just spam their CIS agency.

The whole freelancing sub-category has really turned awful these last couple months…


Watch out for this scam firm


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