Bubble developer available for projects

Are you in search of a Bubble developer?

I’ve got 4,130+ hours as a full-time Bubble Developer, 6 years in Web Development, and Figma Design.
If you’re looking to integrate your Bubble app with AI and other tools, my experience covers APIs like OpenAI (ChatGPT/GPT-4), QuickBooks, Binance, Stripe, PayPal, SignNow, and more.
I’ve worked on diverse projects including marketplaces, dashboards, etc

Here is an example of what i can build using Bubble.io;

I can develop an MVP of a custom GPT would incorporate the functionalities of Open’s AI Assistant which would be basically a converstional chatbot where users can upload a file[the file document will function as the knowlegde base for the chatbot] and have the chatbot respond to queries/questions based only on the context of the document uploaded to the web application.