Bubble Developer Certification

:tada: Exciting News! :tada:

Hello Bubble Community,
I am thrilled to announce that I have successfully passed the official Bubble Certification Test! :rocket::books::white_check_mark:

Test contains questions from basic to advance level. It took me 3hrs to complete the test.

How many of you are planning to get official certification?

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Before waving it around to impress someone, will you get Bubble to fix the link on โ€œCourse Completedโ€?


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@mishav which link you are talking about?

is this publicly available yet?


Opens to https://verify.skilljar.com/c/dy...


Opens to https://certification.bubble.io/developer-exam

Page with title Page Not Found | Skilljar


I was expecting it to show something about the exam. Maybe it shows differently for you?

Bubble is giving early access to some of the developers so if you have signup for waitlist then you will receive invitation in coming weeks

Bubble is using skill jar for certification test and that link is only available to those who are invited by bubble.