Bubble Developer Needed-Virtual Event Host Site

Hi All!

We have events lined up for dozens of video submissions and need to take a few additional features live before the season is in full swing. Looking for someone with extensive knowledge on bubble who can help us finish development and run testing. Some projects are time sensitive. Position could develop into quite a bit of long term work as we take our successful event hosting business global through our new site.

Hi there,

I might be able to help depending on the scope of your project. Feel free to have a look at some of my work below. You can reach out through the forum or on my website.

Hi help1,

I’m Jof, the founder of https://millionlabs.co.uk/, a no-code organisation. We specialise in bubble technology and MVP development.

We understand the stress involved with time-sensitive projects and are interested in working with you on this! If you feel we would be a good fit, please schedule an appointment through our calendly at your earliest convenience. https://calendly.com/jof-walters/meeting



Hi Jof,

Below are more details on the project:

GotScored is a platform where event hosts can create an event and collect online performance submissions, ie cheer, dance, gymnastics, real time. Certified judges will then judge the performances real time and supply results real time. Basically GotScored is bringing LIVE competitions to your living room. Right now we are set up to collect videos over the course of a few weeks and results are emailed out after the submission period. AAU and certified bodies want LIVE competitions online, so that is what we have started building and need help to finish it. Event schedules will be provided, teams will compete and record LIVE directly into the Gotscored interface. Judges will judge the videos remotely and fill in their remote score sheets which will then need to be combined with other remote judges scores to populate a final score and thus determining the winners/placements of the competitors.
I am trying to get our current developer to write a scope in bubble language but hopefully the above gives you a little more context.

Is this the type of project you take on?

Our specialism is in launching new businesses. Beyond our agency (which delivers no-code projects for entities of all sizes) we have a number of services that support the launch and growth of startups and founders. This includes pre-mvp testing, launch marketing, bootcamps, our incubator platform and our pre-seed investment syndicate.

Because we focus on No-code startups we don’t have a specific sector focus, but we do have direct experience of working on a project that closely matches the one described above.