Prospect of Bubble Developer Career

Do you think there will be a viable career as bubble developer in the future? I mean it’s really easy for anyone to be good with the tool and I wouldn’t be surprised if businesses use bubble to build their webapps. I’m not really asking about the future of freelancing opportunities which exist today.

It’s more of a job and people building agencies.

Would love to hear what you think!

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I remember the time when there were 3-5 (both, official and freelance) bubble agencies, which was not so long ago.

Now look at the list of only the official ones (subscribed on the agency plan).
And it’s growing.

Even though it seems simple to build an app in Bubble. It is not easy to do well.

Take a look at Photoshop and Illustrator for example. Anyone can use those tools. But not anyone can make great designs.

I see the same happening with Bubble. There is a big difference in the design and build quality of the applications created with Bubble. So, altho anyone can build an application not everyone can build a solid application.

One other thing is. Most businesses don’t have the time and resources to learn Bubble and build an app for them self.

If you want to build a career on top of Bubble I think you can achieve it. With the condition that you can offer added value with your experience level.


I agree, it looks easier than it is. I think its Bubble’s “Fault” because they make it look like anyone can build an app.

But… then you when you think about, most apps have an API integration, a payment system and needs to have a proper UX for the users to use.

Ignore your Bubble skills, and think what else you can bring to the party.

There is a piece of advice (I think from James Altucher) about writing, he said something like “If you are pretty good at something, and can write well, you are ahead of the pack”.

Same with Bubble.

If you are a designer, or a techie, or a salesperson, or blogger … you can leverage a no code tool using your other skills.

Just being a “bubble dev” I don’t think is enough.


I haven’t seen anything faster concept-to-reality than Bubble. And I have many years of coding experience.

I believe for a start-up it is just right.

  1. low cost
  2. speed (example, getting to a minimally viable product, MVP)

For someone with no coding experience Bubble can be much easier to get started than many other alternatives. In my estimation it gravitates in these factors for brand new Bubblelers:

  1. Clarity of mind of what you want to accomplish
  2. Your ability to learn the basic Bubble paradigm (I can help you with that via private message)
  3. The level of complexity and integration with other technologies in your project
  4. Your understanding of your own limitations such as the areas you will need help with, like integration with 3rd party services via API; payment systems, text messaging, Google sheets or the human side; visual design, app navigation, all part of the user experience.

I do find that the speed and maneability of Bubble gives you great space for creativity, flexibility and productivity like nothing else I have worked with. These I find, are extremely important for startups.

(I help others get going with Bubble)

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A really good point NigelG. As always, whats your unfair advantage is the key question.

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I really agree. I used to be a developer (many years ago). For me Bubble is the fastest MVP/app tool there is. But, thinking about why I works so well for me, is also that I’m not up to speed on coding syntaxes, but I know software and database design by heart. That makes it easy for me to think “the right way” and then Bubble just makes implementation so easy.