Bubble Developer Summit - June 27, 2023

Hi everyone,

We’re excited to announce the first-ever Bubble Developer Summit! @josh , @allenyang , and I are going to be sharing some exciting updates on new launches and programs that support Bubble developers, from those of you starting out as a freelancer to our largest professional Bubble agencies.

Be prepared for some exciting announcements including:

  • Certification for Bubble Developers
  • Tools to win more business with clients on Bubble
  • Community-nominated awards for standout Bubble developers
  • A sneak preview of our roadmap and upcoming events

Learn more about the event and RSVP here. We hope to see you there!



Excited about the bubble certification.

Thank you, Emmanuel, Josh, Allen, and the entire Bubble team for the recent updates and features! Looking forward to the Bubble Developer Summit and the exciting announcements.

Keep up the great work! :clap::rocket:

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Thank you Bubble. Happy to hear about certification. Will it be connected to Credly?
Looking forward to attending the summit.

Awesome! :rocket:

Excited for this one!

@keith already has a place on that list



Would the event be recorded?

Very excited for the certification as well and the roadmap sneak peek!

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It is being recorded. I got an email stating this.

This is great @emmanuel ! Great job .
All of this will benefit the community

This is awesome but once again you seem to be relying on your developers and agencies for platform growth while simultaneously taking away things like hobby plans for plugin/template devs, high cost agency plans, no option for clients to add developers unless on mid tier plans.


Look, @chris.williamson1996 if one is a “Bubble agency” (I can’t actually believe that that’s a thing, but I realize they exist :man_shrugging:), then there should be some sort of plan for them. But Bubble takes, what, 25% of plugin sales for commercial plugins and offers no formal special program for popular open source plugin support or commercial plugins?

I’m not a “Bubble agency” but obviously I’m a significant part of the Bubble ecosystem and all I ever got was outreach from someone who I suspect is no longer at Bubble asking for ideas about the “developer program”.


I made the very well received suggestion that something needs to be offered to significant plugin devs (like, why did I pay for more than 5 apps for the privilege of providing support for “free” plugins?). Anyway, just one more example of why we can’t have nice things.

I might simulcast this stream on Twitch or something with my live commentary and reactions if I feel like it/can make the time. Otherwise I’ll post a commentary video like with the WU optimization webinar, ex post facto.


When it comes to Bubble these days, the Lego dude is saying “Everything’s not awesome!” Like, nothing is awesome, it’s all just blaaahh.

Am I correct that the Summit lasts an hour?

@mike_verbruggen, the page where you can register (linked in Emmanuel’s post) says the event is from 1 PM to 2:30 PM ET.

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Just a reminder I’ll be attending this virtual event tomorrow and, while I’m not going to livestream it with commentary, I will be recording my reactions live and post them later. I’m hoping it’s interesting in a good way.


Love this idea @keith

Can’t wait :grin:


Hello ! Please, anybody have the link ?? Thank you !