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Hello Bubblers:

I’m a CPA new to Bubble since mid January. I’ve developed my MVP but need to take it to the next level. I’m looking for a developer, but more of a designer, but don’t know where to go next.

On Twitter there are Bubble developers, experts, pros and so on, as well as freelancers and developers on the forum.

It would be cool if Bubble had “verified” developers. Developers who are certified by Bubble themselves - the blue check mark like on Twitter or the old fashion designation like a professional designation. A series or courses to complete or an exam of some sort. I don’t know but something needs to be done for this growing platform I think.

I know education is key to growing the platform but I also think so is the ecosystem. And certified developers I think is key. Don’t get me wrong - DIY and DWY is important, but it’d be nice to have confidence and assurances with reliable and verifiable developers.



Hi there, @scaffeoa… you probably know about this already, but Bubble has a coach’s page, and to the best of my knowledge, these folks are as close as it gets in the current ecosystem to being verified by Bubble.

There was a recent thread where an agency is trying to go down the path of certifying Bubble developers, and while I wish them the best of luck, I think anything that doesn’t come from Bubble themselves is going to struggle to get traction.

Anyway, I agree with you about the importance of the part the ecosystem plays in growing the platform, and it will be interesting to see what Bubble does on that front as more and more folks build on Bubble.



Hello @scaffeoa
I completely agrre with you about certification. Bubble’s ecosystem needs a certification set up and moniter by Bubble themselves, as Notion just did.
Recently in a french interview Emmanuel (CEO) said they are thinking about it.


Hey @mikeloc … thanks for sharing the coaches page - I did not know about that. I agree with the fact that credibility of verifiability has to come from Bubble.

The standardization of Bubble’s platform makes it paramount to have a standalone certification program.

Hey @mickceb … I come from Canada and the certification program for Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) is challenging and is recognized globally.

If Emmanuel wants a platform to model such certification, I suggest he investigate them.

CPA Canada is pushing for us to become and learn how to code, learn about AI and data analysis along with our background in taxation, accounting, auditing, human resources and more!

Overall, if Bubble were to certify developers, it would add reliability and trust to the platform and ecosystem, as well as add credibility to the no-code movement!

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I agree with other commenters, especially Mike here. But one thing you can already do is check the commenter’s forum profile to see the number of hearts received and solutions given. That’s a pretty reliable indicator for now, wouldn’t you say?

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Yes that is a very reliable indicator and should be considered when someone wants to hire a developer. However, for people inexperienced or new to the platform, how would they know this?

I believe a listing/page of verified developers should definitely display this reliable data. The next step is verification which should be cemented by Bubble. This would put ultimate trust and faith in the developer, ecosystem and platform itself.

Like @mickceb said, see what Notion has:

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Hey Kevin, that’s a good idea. As Bubble dev we should share our Bubble forum profile :wink:

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+1 on this

for agencies / individuals looking to work with experienced bubble devs for their projects / client projects as well.

Hey there @scaffeoa!

I am a Bubble-verified coach, you can search me under ‘Jordan Loh’ at Coaching | Bubble . I am in the GMT+8 time zone.

You can also find Bubble agencies at Agencies | Bubble that can help to build up your concept.

Hope that helps!

Jordan Loh
Bubble Coach

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Hey @nocodejordan!

Thanks for your response.

Yes, I see that you are listed as a Bubble coach. @mikeloc provided me with such listing.

I developed the app but need some more features, some bug fixes and better overall design.

I’ll DM you!



Complementing some great comments on this thread, another way is to rank forum users (latest, week, monthly, yearly … likes and solutions)

Hamburger menu on the top :wink:

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Hey @nocodejordan
How long have you been used Bubble ?
And what’s the procedure to become a Bubble Coach, if it’s possible ?

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