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Bubble down 22nd March - DDoS and other Issues

Everything’s working fine on my end. I recommend filing a bug report at, so they can take a look into your particular case.

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Same for me. without debug_mode it doesn’t load

same here… debug_mode=true works, but not otherwise.

I’m in the same boat - no apps load w/out debug.

My apps are up now!

We’re back up now too

Yes, we plan to share a postmortem. This afternoon we’re working on making sure the situation is stable and putting together an emergency response plan in case the issue re-surfaces; we’re going to do a formal postmortem tomorrow, and we’ll likely be able to share updates publicly later this week (there may be some follow-ups coming out of the postmortem tomorrow that we want to track down first).

For people still seeing issues:

  • We saw a few problems with apps with non-standard CloudFlare configuration or CloudFlare not turned on, but we believe those are fixed
  • Try doing a hard refresh of your browser / clearing caches
  • If you are still seeing issues, please file a report at Support | Bubble with details about your app so we can investigate

Thanks, Josh. What a fun few weeks you guys have had. :moneybag: :robot:


Thanks, Josh!


Hello josh!
I’m relatively new user of your great platform! But yesterday’s case worried me :frowning:
How often these situations with Bubble happen?
Is there a way to make my/others apps work even if Bubble host is down? For example, host app files on my own server?

Subscribe to and see, eh, @arttnov? Also: Welcome. Now you’re a web developer, do the web dev things.


Not working for me today, seems to be problem to fetch option sets aswell…

Have you filed a bug report?


That’s correct. With a. Dedicated plan, your live site is still operational. You sit back and watch.

Great job to you and the team to mitigate this ddos attack. Glad we’re integrated with cloud flare to dodge attacks like this.


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