Bubble offline?


Anyone experiencing their app go offline?

Currently experiencing downtime for 1 app, but another app is working fine. Nothing on Bubble status page yet.

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Message: Operation timed out -- app too busy
Code: 1612983476506x707502776439136900```
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Yes, my app is timing out since morning. I am getting thousands of views per minute or so with no users and app is running at 100% capacity.

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Yea… Andrew from Bubble sent me 1 response hasn’t followed up since so just waiting I thought it was just me and possibly a DDoS attack… I saw about 35,000 page visits in an hour on the Bubble editor so just assumed might be DDoS

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I believed it was my app only. Yes, looks like bot issue. I filed a bug report as well but haven’t heard back.

Yeah. It looks like this might’ve just be for specific apps- my other apps were fine besides one

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@eve any reports of outages? This issue seemed to resolve itself yesterday but it’s back and it’s strong

Getting this error code again…

Error: OwnerError

Message: Operation timed out – app too busy
Code: 1613057552188x164505724254153200

Not seeing anything service-wide on our end – send us a bug report, we’ll take a look!

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Yup! Sent! #13156

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I’ve noticed there was a load balancer upgrade yesterday. These issues may be linked, maybe a whole part of the traffic ping your IP adresses (or a broadcast…)

They didn’t push that through: Bubble Status - Upgrading network load balancer

We have rolled back the load balancer change due to uneven traffic

That may explain!

Yes. I am down too. I just started with this bubble and I have an app due to go live tomorrow.

I am curious if bubble is a reliable platform to continue with or should I be looking elsewhere?


They’re scaling, so they scale their network and infra, I guess.

Crossing fingers for tomorrow :crossed_fingers:t2:

Bubble is pretty reliable, it’s just been weird in a few days. I talked with @Andrew.Vernon about my case and I believe for me it unique in terms that it’s suspected DDoS

Thank you johnny. How are you able to talk with someone? I’ve found it very difficult to get direct support from anyone at bubble.

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Hey @Big-Mo! Best way to get in touch with something like this is through a bug report. I have your ticket and am taking a look…


I feel like the last few days might’ve been a little rougher on Bubble Support because there’s a slightly longer wait time than usual. But depending on the time of day you send a request in, the response time varies. But @eve is usually the quick success associate that gets to my requests :joy: :blush:

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@Big-Mo My response bounced back as undeliverable. Can you DM me a good email address?