Bubble down for anyone else?

@Bubble Looks like there are current issues.

No plugins showing, then Site can’t be reached.

Yep…status page has caught up

Having this too. All sites down. Bubble seems to have been on and off lately, and as I’ve said before, really wonders how stable Bubble is. At least the status page works for once though.

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Looks like it’s back for now.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Confirming that both editor and live apps were down. But now showing live. Total of about 5 minutes of downtime.

We are looking into this. There seems to be an on/off disruption for some apps.

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Location San Francisco, CA

Starting at ~11:20 PST, seeing the same issues as earlier today. (Editor not loading/extremely slow to load/not saving changes. Live sites not loading).

I’m seeing some on/off issues as well. Thanks for looking into it team!

Our devs are working on a fix which should be live today.

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Location: Italy

Editor not loading/extremely slow to load. Total of about 25 minutes of downtime.

The platform has been really unstable for the last couple of days. This is not normal behavior and what makes it worse is that there’s no clear statement from Bubble on what’s happening.

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Location: San Francisco, CA

Editor now loading and live sites loading as of 11:43am PST. Changes made in editor are saving again.

I didn’t receive a status text alert from New Relic https://status.bubble.is. I normally do.

Didn’t receive it either!

Yes, Bubble down for me as well.

Just got back up and running for me

Also having issues in Chicago - editor is viewable but cannot use.

We fixed this, sorry about that.

Working now - thx

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