Site down for anyone else?

My website is not loading, anyone else having issues?

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Yeah mine is/was

same here. How do we contact support with the error code we are getting

si, esta con problemas pude entrar si te pasa eso debes ingresar a y podras ver como esta el sistema

Yes :confused:

Direct link to send a bug: Bug Report | Bubble

Ahhh same here, but it seems like the editor is down.

Application and editor crashing and coming back for approximately 1 hour.

The problems match the spikes on the status page at “Median end-to-end page load”.

Is it just me or have these problems been more recurrent in the last 2 months?

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I’m still downs yours up and running?

Working but very slow

Mines kinda back but now has graphics issues. Switching mobile horizontally, then back vertically, fixes them. Weird.

this has been happening a lot more often…weird issues within the system that usually resolve themselves within an hour or two. Is this bubble tinkering with performance? AWS? Cloudfare? Etc?