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Bubble down? please help.. cant deploy to live since yesterday

i use production plan, and having this error on deploying to live since yesterday… its already past 24 hours… please bubble team response to my email or this post… its affecting all my users…

it says : “Sorry, we had a temporary error deploying your app… Please try again”

If your development app has any error then you can’t allow for deployment to live. Try to check your errors in yiur bubble app editor.

If there is no error and still there is problem is deployment then, please raise bug report to bubble support.

i hve no error on my side… and already raise the bug report… waiting for bubble team

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Strange…. I was able to deploy multiple times yesterday.

Hum, I also deployed multiple times yesterday without any troubles. I find it helpful to refresh the editor every 2hrs or so.

i guess it only happened to me then… i thought this must be relate to medsos down last night

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