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I need to revert my application to my previous deployment which was a few hours ago, but continue to get this error. Any advice?


Same Its really frustrating! - :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage:
Screenshot 2023-02-24 093926


File a bug report for sure.

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Similar problem here while trying to deploy Live ! Urgent help needed !

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same issue here. impossible to deploy for the past 5 hours


Any update ? Our app is still stuck

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@josh @emmanuel guys this is serious. we haven’t been able to deploy since friday

@stephane do you have an active bug report out? As far as we know, the regression that caused issues on Thursday was resolved on Friday.

Bubble support came back to me last hour : it seems there is a bug in Bubble issue reporting. Something related to Workflow casting type that doesn’t match the definition and that bubble doesn’t automatically flag as an issue. They are working on a fix.

I guess when this type of error rises, it’s time to go straight to Bubble support.

Ah gotcha :confused: yeah frustrating way to find out about an error in terms of creating issues on our end - so our apologies there. If there is a next time, version control issues do get a high priority from the team so that is probably the quickest path to resolution. And then a forum post never hurts in terms of seeing if its a wide spread issue or not

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