Bubble dynamic page url

I’m building a marketplace and I’m stuck on page URLs. Here is the issue.

A seller created an account and arrives on a url that is for example Marketplace.com/Products

Now he wants to share the url with his friends.

To identify him as a seller of certain products, i added a slug as a page parameter.

Now the url is Marketplace.com/Products?&seller=bestCaps

Now this is a very long url. I love the way linktree has solved it.


Is there a way to create dynamic page URLs?

You can do this. Just make your 404 page whatever item you’re trying to use for data as the source. And bam. You now have a /db_item url route.

Just remember to make a state for when the user isn’t found to create a 404 page! :slight_smile:

Here’s an example:
DEMO: Ghost Codes’s Tips (bubbleapps.io)
EDITOR: gc-tips | Bubble Editor

Another non-scrappy way would be to just create a page… maybe called “S”? so it’d be yoursite.com/s/username

That’s how I do it.

Interesting. And will these be good for SEO?

It will act the same as if you handled it on anything page I believe. Try to opengaph scan it when you can.

Bubble allows you to have as many additional url segments after the page name.

Ie you can have

All of these pages go to “appname.com/products

Using the get data from url you can set it to get path segment list which will return the path segments

So on the example appname.com/products/iphone/1

It will return


As a list.

In one of my apps I use the last item in that list as the identifier for my product, in this case an iPhone. You can have the UUID as the last parameter but for cleanliness I have a counter that just counts up and saves that number to itemNo field attached to each product

Then on the page I have a main group that serves as my single source of data and it basically does a search for products where itemNo is get url path segment list:last item (you might need to convert to a number)

It doesn’t work well when you set a page thing and you obviously can’t changed the first segment as that is the name of your bubble page. You can however just make the page a single character if that looks neater for you.

To navigate to the page you do a goto page action and in the data to send you add the additional segments in an arbitary text. In my case I do a goto page products with data to send

Arbitary text: this products name/this products itemNo

The great thing about this is that you should be able to access it in the seo settings of the page giving you greater control over what you can search for in the db.

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